As many of you know tomorrow will be one year since Budder’s passed away. It has been a rough year of grief for us but has also been a year that we have cherished as our eyes have been open to the love and beauty that surrounds us each day. We are far from perfect people. We have challenges every day. We have however, seen love, compassion, beauty, and more human spirit than we could have ever witnessed before Budder’s passing. Our list of thank you’s is VERY LONG. He w…as and always will remain a bright light in our lives. We have learned to appreciate friends and people in our lives more than ever, especially through the ups and downs. Our advice is to tell the people you love, you love them, be kind strangers, help who needs help, and play everyday. We all have bad moments each day but God has allowed us as humans to decide overall to have a good day as a whole, so make that choice, it is better than the other choice. Mindy and I thank each of you for everything you have done. We will personally be playing for Trey the next couple weeks with all fun stuff on the schedule! Life is short you should do the same and if you see fit we are still raising funds through the non-profit our friends and us have started (tax deductible). It goes to help other kids play for Trey and help them meet thier goals! Thank all of you and God Bless.


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