Hello Everyone!  A lot has been happening behind the scenes and the orginazation has offically become “The Trey McCleery Benefit Fund” DBA as #playforTrey Foundation.  This sets us in a good place to grow the fund with additional funds from events and donations and they are tax deductible!  We are official!!!!

Our first donation has been made thanks to all of you.  We were able to buy a swing set for the church were Trey attended Sunday school.  He use to love to swing on the one they had but it was old and it was time to be replaced.  It was a place he loved and a place many kids will find laughter and fun.  Trey would love it!  It will be a source of happiness for many years to come.(frustration for parent trying to get thier kids to get in the car)  It should be completed in October and we will let everyone know when it is complete.  We will be having an inurnment of Trey’s ashes into his Niche on November 8th at 2pm at Cherry Hills Church in the rememberance garden.  Rain or Shine!  Everyone is invited.  They will even be able to swing on the set or sit on a bench donated by the McDonalds and our families at the rememberance garden which is by where Trey’s ashes will forever rest. It should be a day of celebration and happines remembering Trey. 

Team #playforTrey – there is going to be a tennis tourney for the #playforTrey foundation on November 1st at Kicking Bird Tennis Center in Edmond/Oklahoma City.  Please save the date.  Details for signup coming soon.  Everyone of all ages can participate and play!!!!!!   Most important is that we all have fun!  More details are coming soon!  Everyone is invited so please forward!

We have been blown away by the support we have received.  We have spread ourselves a little thin in the last couple months and will have many people to thank along our journey of grief and healing.  We truly have learned to see in the beauty in the world and all of you who have supported us.  Please remember to #playforTrey everyday!  Peace and Love to all of you! 


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